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Design Advice

Why should you consider natural stone?

Unique appearance: The veining, crystallization, shading, and coloring will vary between pieces.
Distinctiveness: Natural and unique look.
Longevity, with proper maintenance.

What are the benefits of upgrading to natural stone?

Natural stone is more durable then conventional solid surfaces.
Their beauty can be renewed, no need to replace.
It increase and maintains its value.

What are other facts about natural stone you should know?

No two pieces of natural stone will be the same, and as a natural product, it will contain blemishes, which are characteristics of stone.
These characteristics may be color variations, irregular markings, lines or veins that may at times appear to be cracks, but are in fact a natural part of the stone.
The size and thickness of each tile will vary within industry standards. All are features of natural stone and will always be present to some degree.
If these variations in natural stone products are troublesome, natural stone may not be the right product for you. Please consider quartz surface for your countertops and ceramic or porcelain for your floor.